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(Sherry Crawford / Dana Blayone)


I only know what I know
And that’s not everything
I don’t claim to be right all the time
But this feelin’ I got inside of me
Tells me that you’re gonna be mine

I see the way you look at me
Outta the corner of your eye
Oh baby if you only knew
You wouldn’t have to act so shy
I get so nervous every time you’re near
I got some clever words to say
(really I do – do you – mm, hmm)
I’m so grateful when my tongue disappears
Cause I’d say something stupid anyway!


I’ve got a level headed brain
But it’s attached to my heart
Oh baby when you smile at me
It all comes fallin’ apart
It’s time we laid our cards face up
Just stop playin’ all these games
Let’s get married and have a kid or two
Cause I’ve already picked out their names!


Oh yeah you’re gonna be mine
Well I know that you wanna be mine!
Yee haw!