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Acoustic or Plugged In?

Whatever type of event you are hosting, we can entertain you!!

We can offer an acoustic show featuring a great mix of original songs and favourite cover tunes, with a wide variety of genres. This show features Sherry on lead vocals and percussion, Dana on her beautiful Rainsong guitar and harmonies.

The band is taking a hiatus for a while, as Sherry & Dana concentrate on writing and pitching their songs. However, if the offer is really too good to refuse, we will round up the guys! 

Contact us for details and rates today!!

Host a House Concert!

House concerts are a new and exciting way to bring live music into your livingroom!! It's a fairly new concept sweeping the music industry and it's making music more accessible to fans. It's SO EASY to host a house concert!!! All you need to do is invite 20 or so friends, put out some chairs, some snacks, a donation jar and we will come into your livingroom and perform an acoustic show for you!!! It's EASY, it's FUN and it's a great excuse for a get together with your friends!  All you need to do is to tell your guests that they will be expected to put $15 to $20 in the donation jar for our payment. That's it.  We would also have CD's for sale there and maybe even bring a special guest along with us... we do happen to know a few talented people!

If you are looking for a great alternative to the usual "home party" where you have to sell some sort of product and your guests feel obligated to buy something, and if you're looking for a way to liven up your winter evenings, and you enjoy LIVE MUSIC  then a HOUSE CONCERT is the answer!!!

Please contact us for more details and available dates.

Fundraising Opportunity

Dana and Sherry are all about giving back to the community and are interested in helping you. If your organization is looking for a unique fundraiser, consider hosting a House Concert. The only difference between this and hosting a regular house concert would be that we would donate back half of the money collected at the door. In order to have a successful and effective fundraiser, we would ask that you host it in a large enough room to hold more people!!! Keeping in mind that although we love giving back to our community, we would still need to cover our costs :)  
More people = more money = more FUN!! 
Contact us to discuss options!